When a Food Blogger met with the Lockdown

Mudra Keswani popularly known as “The SuperChatori” is central India’s most popular food blogger. She did her MBA and worked in an MNC for a while but after realizing what really makes her happy she decided to pursue food blogging as her full-time career. She has an experience of over 7 years in blogging and she knows it well what the youngsters out there want their food to be like.

Mudra has got several national level awards in Food Blogging including the Food Blogger of the year from Indian Food Blogger Association.

Food is something that simply unites everyone and being able to know what and where to eat when the cravings get into your head is something we get from popular helping hands like Mudra and she feels immense pleasure in making people aware about what to eat and where to eat when it comes to quality food.

We came to know about Mudra via Instagram where she has 30K followers who are truly influenced by her reviews and trust her on their food choices. We got the privilege to interact with Mudra lately and we came to know about a few insights of being a food blogger specially being a popular one. So what are the tiny secrets that Mudra shared with us? Let’s find out together!

The Beginning!

When asked abut How actually she thought of being a food blogger, Mudra said, ‘I have a background of journalism in my family but I was never into political stuff but at the sane time I loved writing. So, it was 2013 and I had recently completed my MBA and I was working in a MNC that time. It was just random thought of mine that i decided to go to a random restauraunt and have some good food and write about it. Writing and Food are the two things I really love so I combined them together and fortunately when I first uploaded my blog I really got an unexpected great response from people.

That was the part where I understood that I am happy with my blogging. Sooner, I had to choose between my passion and my job because any job doesn’t really gives you enough bandwidth that you could parallely pursue your passion. Then I decided and left my job to be a full time food bloggers. In 2013 it was a whole new concept. Now there are a lot of budding bloggers but when I started it was a whole new concept.’

Lockdown’s impact:

We asked Mudra about how she is dealing with this whole Lockdown duration because of this whole Covid-19 Pandemic scenario where you don’t have a choice of going out and have great food from awesome resturants. She had a simple sorted response to it. She said,’ We knew that the restaurants are going to remain closed for a long time and it is not safe to eat out in these times. But, I knew that the content can’t stop because when you are into something like blogging then consistency is the most important thing.

So, I started cooking at my home and that started to match both of my needs. I was getting my cravings satisfied as well as creating content for my blog as well. Yes, of course there is still a lot of things that you can’t make at home but I started to go as far as I can and started making some of the interesting dishes like dimsums and some Indian tandoori dishes and that helped me to remove the pause this Covid-19 situation has put to my work.’

What it takes?

Nine out of 10 food blogs end right after sometime of their beginning. But, you are in that 10% rare crowd who know how to do it. So what is it that really makes you different from all the other bloggers out there?

‘I really do not consider myself different from anyone but what I always do is to be authentic. It is th trust of the people I have earned in past many years and it feels like a big family. So, I stay authentic with my work always and I do not do anything that might cost me my authenticity. I collaborate with many brands but I always make sure that my authenticity is never compromised no matter how big my collaboration is. So, yeah you can say that this is the element that helps me to grow.’

When asked about all of her amazing awards and recognition that she has won over the years she said that she believes in working hard and she doesn’t target any kind of award or recognition. It comes with the good work that you do and I always consider awards as secondary for me because I believe that being honest with your work and enjoy it is the most important thing. There was a time when I left my job and decided to pursue blogging as my career then people had questions that where do I see myself in 5 years. To that question, my father answered that he don’t know about the next 5 years but one thing that he is sure about is that his daughter is going to be the best food blogger. This thing was bigger for me than any award. So, yeah the awards and recognition helps a bit and motivate you but what is more important to love what you do instead of expecting returns from it.’

A message for fellow youngsters:

We lastly asked Mudra about what message she wants to give to our young readers who are working to make their dreams come true. She replied to that by saying, ‘One thing that I want to say is that, don’t be afraid to be creative. If you are creative then trust me you are blessed because not everybody is creative. Don’t have fear of people making fun of you or rejecting you because when you win, the success tastes far better than the crticism we face. No matter if you fail for one time or ten times, even in the eleventh time you get up to fight again is what matters the most. It is ok to not succeed in first, there will be times when you’ll be demotivated but keeping your mind positive and keep on going consistently is the key of getting closer to your dreams.’

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