About Us

Torch Herd is first ever youth magazine in central India. We are one of the emerging youth digital magazines in India and we are based on ideas, lifestyle and inspiration for youngsters of the generation. We have more than 10000 active readers around the world and we get hundreds of contributors every month who look forward to work with us.

We are a youth magazine and we care about what today’s youth has got to say. We believe everyone has a voice and it needs to be heard. 

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Contributors reviews

I have contributed few articles for the upcoming edition of the magazine and it seems so right that my thoughts also have a place to be showcased
Avinash Sharma
I have contributed pictures for the magazine and I think it is a great platform for we young people because no other established magazines give any chance to young students
Shreya Agnihotri
Good opportunity for young minds and even at this initial stage I feel getting our ideas shared in a public platform is a good thing.
Aakriti Singh
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